Mission accomplished!

Congratulations to all our walkers on the RFH 2011!  Many, many thanks to all our donors, hosts, support staff, charities, EMT’s, and fans!

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Road for Hope returning to campus on Saturday, August 27th

Due to the weather reports regarding Hurricane Irene, the Road for Hope walkers will be returning to campus a day early.   We have based our decision on the best available information, keeping the safety of everyone foremost in mind.  Parents please note the following changes to the schedule – The Road for Hope Walkers will be transported Friday evening to the Candia Moore School (Previously the Saturday PM location) to spend the evening.  They will then walk to campus arriving on Saturday morning, August 27th at 1:00 p.m.  Family and friends are invited to welcome the walkers back to campus at the main entrance of the college at 1 p.m.  A luncheon for family/friends & walkers will take place in the Cushing Center after the walkers arrive on campus.  Please feel free to contact Susan Gabert, Director of Campus Ministry with questions/concerns at (603) 486-3039.

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Monitoring Hurricane Irene

We are closely monitoring the progress of Hurricane Irene, with an eye to how it could impact the Road for Hope and thier return to campus on Sunday.

We will continue to watch the National Weather Service forecasts to determine if we must adjust the current schedule. We will base our decision on the best available information, keeping the safety of everyone foremost in mind. Any changes to the schedule will be made with ample time for you to make appropriate plans.

In the meantime, please continue to look to this blog for updates on hurricane planning.  At this time the existing schedule remains in effect.  Road for Hope will return to campus on Sunday, August 28th at approximately 12/12:30.  We look forward to welcoming them back after thier long journey and we hope we can do so without interruption by Hurricane Irene.

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Day 4 : Great day in Alfred, ME

The Road for Hopers had a wonderful morning with great weather and good spirits. They arrived for lunch in Alfred, ME to enjoy the generous hospitality of  the Christian Brothers and York County Shelter.  Campus Ministers Susan Gabert and Claire Markham stopped in to visit – with banana’s and grapes in hand per request. They had a great time listening to the walkers stories. The walkers spent their lunch break napping, visiting with guests of the shelter, playing banana grams or mafia, and catching up with alums Stef Iannalfo and Lauren Szablak. After lunch it was on to Route 202 into Sanford, where  Fr.Anselm will join them for an evening visit.

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Day 3: Awesome Evening at Friendship Park

Tuesday evening was a beautiful summer night with the Road for Hope Walkers at Friendship Park. The family of Teresa Scalzi ’12 drove up from Nashua to provide a great dinner spread for the group, and welcomed a cheerful group of walkers along with Campus Ministers Joycelin Raho and Claire Markham.

The group was exhausted after walking their longest day of the week, 18.5 miles! Yet, they all had smiles on their faces and sweaty hugs all around! They are looking forward to a “short” walk today of 11 miles.

Different representatives from the charities the walkers have raised money and awareness for have come to speak on different days. Today they heard from the Good Shepherd Food Bank in Auburn, Maine. They had lunch there with them and some local guests, and learned about the poverty and hunger of Maine ranking in the top 8 states for hunger in the country. All our walkers were moved by the statistics they learned and glad they could help.

A special thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Roy, parents of Kevin Roy ’07 who have spent the last several years welcoming our walkers into their home on the second night of their walk. Our walkers look forward to the highlight of Mrs. Roy’s egg casserole breakfast! They also came by for a visit last night to drop off clean laundry, and do another load of socks and shirts for our walkers! It is so wonderful to have on-route parents who adopt all of our walkers for the week! We know they are in great hands! Thank you!

Today they walked a total of 58 miles, with 71 to go!

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Day 1 afternoon & Day 2 recap

The walk is 1/4 done!  Slowly but surely the crew is making its way! 

Sunday evening, as noted before, the walkers were treated to a delicious hot pasta dinner by several recent St. A’s and RFH alumni.  They greeted the walkers in the parking lot with dance music and hugs.  It was a joy to see them!

Our alumni cooks for the evening (L to R): Lauren Drapeau, Rachel Paskievich, Marysa Morin, Devon Fuchs, Jack Glaze, Mike DiFilippo, and Caitie Stromberg (not pictured: Erica Sands)

Sandra from Birthline of Portland, ME came and gave a brief overview of the variety of services Birthline provides to assist pregnant women as well as Project Rachel, which provides counseling for those affected by past abortions.  The last full-group event of the evening was mass, said by Fr. Bernard. 

Trooper Christopher Farley (’05) of the Maine State Police visited as well.  He was able to drive behind the walkers this morning as they walked through some busy sections of Routes 202 and 35 in Gray and Standish.  We are very, very grateful for his assistance! 

One of our student leaders, Meghan Ryan, says the walkers have arrived safely at the home of David & Debbie Roy (along with their daughter Katie) in Standish, ME.  Their hospitality is truly one of the great highlights of the entire week.  The walkers are tenting out tonight!  As might be expected, there are a lot of sore muscles eager for a good night’s rest. 

Photos from today are not yet available, but will be posted when we are able to do so.  In the meantime, thanks for all your support, and keep checking in for updates throughout the week!

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Quick post: a safe (and dry) arrival in Gray, ME

Hello RFH supporters!  Just briefly for now, the walkers arrived at about 4:40 p.m., with just enough time for a quick swim before some far-off lightning ended that.  Walkers were welcomed by several alumni from the class of 2011, who also provided a hot pasta dinner for everyone (photos to come!).  Day One is done!  Photos and a longer update to come…

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RFH 2011 is underway!

With hot air balloons overhead, the RFH 2011 got underway this morning in fine fashion.  Escorted by members of the Knights of Columbus, the walkers departed the Basilica of SS. Peter and Paul about 8:15 a.m.  They will soon arrive for lunch at the First Congregational Church of New Gloucester. 

Yesterday afternoon, just before boarding the buses for Lewiston, Barb Miles from the UpReach Therapeutic Riding Center addressed the walkers to express UpReach’s gratitude for their work, and to help put things in perspective.  UpReach assists a wide variety of people who can no longer walk, due to paralysis by disease or by military service.  Barb encouraged the walkers to remember, when the walk got tough, that the ability to walk is still a great blessing and that their efforts were helping those unable to walk through therapeutic horseriding. 

Barb Miles of UpReach Therapeutic Riding Center addresses the walkers before leaving for Lewiston

Barb Miles of UpReach Therapeutic Riding Center addresses the walkers before leaving for Lewiston

This morning was a little humid and foggy, but it has cleared up and is now getting warm.  The walkers will certainly appreciate the chance for a swim at Camp St. Gregory when the day’s walk is done.
More to come! 
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Aug. 28th Return Arrival: Noon

We haven’t left but it’s time to plan for the return: the walkers plan to return to campus next Sunday August 28th at 12:00pm Noon, a little earlier than in previous years.  Be sure to arrive early to park and be in place for the walkers’ climb up Saint Anselm Drive!

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‘Twas the night before Registration Day…

It’s almost time to head for Maine! All the backpacks and tents are in the Campus Ministry office, awaiting the walkers’ arrival on Saturday. Tonight will be the last comfortable night of sleep for a while for most of the participants!
Meanwhile the forecast for Sunday in Lewiston is sunshine and temps in the high 70’s during the day, with a 30% chance of rain in the evening. We’ll see whether the rain arrives before or after the walkers arrive at Camp St. Gregory in Gray, ME. The forecast is about the same for Monday.
Tomorrow we head to Lewiston! Check back for updates!

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